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Welcome To My Website

 My quilting journey began more than 35 years ago and it continues to evolve today.  From simple geometric shapes to my current passion for art pieces, my quilts speak from my heart.  I continue to explore and experiment with innovative ideas and techniques—always staying true to my slightly perfectionistic personality.

 I’ve been teaching quiltmaking for more than two decades and love seeing my students find their own vision.  How imaginative, courageous and adventuresome they are and I love every minute in the classroom!

 Inspiration surrounds me as I look upon God’s creation and my studio shelves are lined with glorious fabrics just waiting to be chosen for subject matter.  Together with my trusty Pfaff sewing machine and my sewing assistant, Miss Kitty, it’s time to begin another project.  I wonder what would happen if…..???  Stay tuned!

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